Document Management Solutions for Insurance Agencies


Unlike traditional document management vendors, Access takes the time to truly understand the insurance industry and the needs of those within it. With that earned industry experience, and our global expertise, we have the unparalleled ability to provide forward-thinking insurance organizations with flexible, scalable and personalized solutions that can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enable them to enjoy the very best service.


Between applications, claims and administrative documents, insurance agencies generate an incredible amount of paperwork on a daily basis.

And, given the sensitive nature of the information contained within these records, providers must remain compliant with various retention regulations that define how long they must be maintained. Unfortunately, the necessary retention of such staggering quantities can leave many insurance companies with too many filing cabinets and too little office space.

At Access, our PRISM Privacy+ Certified record centers can help you remain compliant while eliminating the costs and space deficiencies of on-site storage. The record centers are built with a variety of state-of-the-art features, including:

The record centers are built with a variety of state-of-the-art features, including:

  • Continuously monitored internal and external video surveillance systems.
  • Barcode-based inventory tracking at both container- and tape-levels.
  • Inventory procedures that help establish an unbroken chain of custody.

For records that are susceptible to deterioration (like microfilm), we also offer fire-safe vaults with humidity and temperature regulating systems. In addition, our storage vaults offer enhanced security features and biometric fingerprint requirements.

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Reduce costs, automate workflows and ensure that necessary records are instantly available by synthesizing your physical and digital records. Our document scanning services come with powerful technologies and analytics that allow you to:

  • Streamline retrieval processes and increase productivity.
  • Enhance the security of sensitive financial records.
  • Share information with affiliate offices around the world.
  • Index supporting documentation to ensure comprehensive claim information.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our in-depth experience with property, life and medical insurance providers means that we have scanned the full-range of industry-related documents needed to ensure accurate records, including:

  • Insurance Applications
  • Policies 
  • Claims Forms
  • Administration and Change Forms 
  • Flex Reimbursement Forms
  • Annuity Forms
  • Proposals
  • Contracts


Insurance record requests can come from a variety of petitioners, such as:

  • Customers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Policy Administrators
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Accounting Departments
  • Auditors
  • Regulators 
  • Organizational Leaders

With this constant need for information, and regulations requiring that records be easily accessible, forward-thinking insurance organizations must be ready to respond to the right people, in the right format, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Access can help you satisfy all of your internal and external requests with on-time deliveries and unparalleled file retrieval accuracy.

Our full suite of records management solutions includes powerful technologies and interfaces that offer a variety of digital delivery methods:

  • Previously digitized documents can be viewed, appended and shared at-will through our
    secure repository, FileLineACCESS.
  • Physical records can be scanned on-demand and made accessible through our global interface.
  • Files can be scanned and uploaded to your existing claims system.

When stored physical files are requested, we will locate and deliver them to you promptly, ensuring that you can meet deadlines and increase administrative efficiencies. When necessary, we will also confirm that signed authorizations accompany the requests, to help you remain compliant.


Forward-thinking insurance providers need to create centralized physical and digital asset management programs that are compliant with existing rules and regulations, as well as flexible and scalable enough to account for new or expanding requirements. At Access, we will help you create that program, ensuring that it:

  • Maintains the privacy of your clients’ records.
  • Mitigates risks of theft, fraud and abuse.
  • Reduces the potential for fines, penalties and legal liability.
  • Decreases the possibility of customer attrition.

We will help you establish and implement a retention and destruction policy that can reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline processes. 

Using our global expertise within the insurance industry, this policy will ensure that you can monitor, assess and improve back office business practices to:

  • Detect and report suspicious activities, in adherence to your Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance programs.
  • Follow internal reporting procedures to protect investors from corporate fraud, as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
  • Maintain clear-cut information-sharing solutions that efficiently safeguard sensitive client data, in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).
  • Correspond with the electronic signature requirements of the Electronic Signatures inGlobal and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act).
  • Secure protected health information (PHI) as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Maintain compliance with your internal information governance programs.


Whether dealing in property, medical or life insurance, providers handle a great deal of personally identifiable information (PII), PHI and financial information. Once these sensitive records exceed their retention requirements, they need to be disposed of properly, to avoid fees, penalties, security breaches and the loss of customer confidence.

At Access, we have earned industry experience working with multinational and local insurance organizations to design comprehensive and customized document destruction programs. These compliant shredding programs ensure records are securely destroyed and recycled at the end of their life cycles, mitigating the above risks, reducing costs and saving valuable storage space.

In addition, by maintaining shredding facilities with NAID AAA and PCI DSS compliant certifications, we can:

  • Accommodate mobile and plant-based destructions at many locations.
  • Guarantee compliance with relevant state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Provide scalable and flexible shredding options.
  • Handle the destruction of computer equipment, microfilm and many other media
Choose between our ongoing or on-demand shredding solutions, or take advantage of both options to fulfill your unique needs. After the services are complete, you will receive Proof of Service, a Certificate of Destruction and all other applicable paperwork, to ensure your business records are complete and that you remain compliant with all legal requirements.

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