RIM Solutions for Banks, Brokerages and Other Financial Institutions


Whether it’s adapting to new compliance regulations or updating your access and security protocols to better align with your needs, we have the earned experience and knowledge specific to your industry to help you increase workflow efficiencies. Enjoy the very best service throughout every stage of your information’s lifecycle with Access; we’re the premier single-source physical and digital asset management partner for banks, brokerage firms, retailers, credit card issuers and all related businesses in the financial industry.


Storerooms have a limited amount of space for your records, eventually leaving you with an important decision that can severely affect your bottom-line. You can:

  • Condense your usable space through renovations to expand your storeroom,
  • Increase your monthly expenses by moving into a larger office, OR
  • Reduce your operational costs, and repurpose your space for functional needs, by opting for offsite records storage with Access.

Our state-of-the-art record centers are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer innovative features that include:

  • Continuous video surveillance, both internally and externally.
  • Climate regulating data vaults that exceed fire-rating standards and require biometric fingerprint identification.
  • Barcode-based inventory tracking procedures at the container and tape levels.
  • Portable handheld scanners that help establish an unbroken chain of custody.
  • Free access to our powerful technologies and analytics, such as our secure inventory management software.

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Access document imaging and scan-on-demand services provide a complete lifecycle solution that helps streamline workflows without sacrificing user authorization or security. By converting your paper records and files into electronic documents, you can:


  • Save space.
  • Reduce storage costs.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve business processes associated with record searches and retrievals.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


At Access, we have earned experience in scanning the many documents needed by banks, investment companies, credit cards issuers and other similar forward-thinking institutions, including:


  • Customer Files 
  • Mortgages and Property Records
  • Commercial and Retail Loans 
  • Annuities
  • Invoices and Billing
  • Purchase Orders 
  • Litigation Documents 
  • Insurance Documents 
  • Compliance Documents


Digital imaging turns your bulky paper documents into easily stored and centralized digital data. Our page-level indexing and document-type classification solutions can accurately file all of your documents with other relevant information, ensuring complete records and quick information isolation. In addition, you can manage, organize and submit retrieval requests for your documents through our secure online repository, which is accessible anytime and anywhere via an internet-connected device.


Whether you need day-forward conversions to ensure files can be quickly accessed, or you need back file conversions to condense large volumes of existing physical files, Access has the solution for you. Our document scanning services can strengthen your information security infrastructure, and ensure your clients feel confident entrusting you with their sensitive financial information.


Getting the right information to the right person when they need it is essential. Your customers, loan officers, organizational leaders and legal department all require access to sensitive financial records quickly and efficiently, and they rely on you to deliver it.

Without a professional records management and retrieval program in place, limited resources and strict regulations can create challenges and slow down processes, which can increase costs and reduce customer confidence. However, finding the balance between making records available and keeping information secure from unauthorized viewing and tampering can be difficult.

At Access, we have the powerful technologies and analytics needed to not only ensure your physical and digital assets are securely maintained, but that access levels are tailored correctly to control who can retrieve what information.

When needed, scanned files are delivered either through our secure web-based system or through your own in-house ERP system, to mitigate all possible risks associated with document transfers. Authorized users can then review, retrieve and append the files with any necessary financials, correspondence or risk reduction documents, whenever and wherever required.



The improper destruction of sensitive financial records can lead to security breaches, a loss of reputation and substantial fees or penalties. At Access, we work closely with multinational and local financial institutions to design personalized document destruction programs that ensure their files are only retained as long as necessary, reducing those chances and saving valuable storage space and expenses.


By maintaining facilities with NAID AAA and PCI DSS compliant certifications for mobile or plant-based destructions, we can guarantee flexible destruction options and compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Choose between our weekly, biweekly or monthly ongoing shred programs or our on-demand services, where you can drop-off or schedule pick-ups as needed. Our destruction and disposal services go beyond physical files and can include computer hard-drives, microfilm and many other forms of media.


When the secure destruction services are complete, we will also issue you a Certificate of Destruction, Proof of Service and all other paperwork needed to meet your legal requirements.


With rules and regulations within the banking and finance industry constantly growing and changing, forward-thinking financial institutions need to create a centralized physical and digital asset management program that improves compliance while keeping efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind.

At Access, we can help you create that program, and ensure it maintains compliance with your internal information governance policies as well as all relevant governmental regulations. Unlike traditional offsite records storage vendors or pure technology companies that cannot – or will not – understand and address your specific needs, our experts work closely with you to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enjoy the very best service that only Access can provide.

In addition to creating a customized and compliant program for your financial institution, our storage vaults can maintain the security of your physical records while our powerful technologies and analytics allow you to:

  • Provide audit trails related to the retention, access and destruction of documents.
  • Monitor financial transactions for money laundering, fraud and other suspicious
  • Digitally retain checks for future viewing, printing and archiving needs.

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