The Future of Information Management

The Convergence of Process Automation and Information Governance


Organizations must have a digital strategy to take advantage of the continual transformation and disruption occurring throughout every industry. Processes must be automated to appease executives who want things done faster, at lower costs and with fewer errors. Employees don’t want to devote time to administrative tasks and demand technology that helps them do their jobs better. However, information security and regulatory compliance continue to be complex challenges for companies. The FileBRIDGE platform allows process automation and information governance to coexist, enabling your business to be efficient and agile while ensuring compliance and security.

The FileBRIDGE Platform Consists of Three Pillars

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FileBRIDGE Digital automates business processes and provides a path to the paperless future. FileBRIDGE Records manages the records we store for you, enabling you to find them quickly and request physical or digital delivery. FileBRIDGE Governance manages your overall records compliance, applying and enforcing consistent classification and policies.

Each solution can operate independently or as a suite to address physical and digital information needs. The FileBRIDGE platform is integrated with Access services, including intelligent document scanning, data extraction and secure destruction, providing an end-to-end solution.


Automate Your Business Processes
FileBRIDGE Digital quickly integrates with your business systems to automate your workflow processes, approvals and notifications, in order to reduce manual steps and accelerate your organization’s flow of information. Designed to rapidly search and retrieve critical documents, the platform also efficiently recognizes which documents are missing or expired and proactively alerts you to them.


Ensure Compliance Across Your Organization
FileBRIDGE Governance supervises your overall compliance for both paper and digital documents. The simple-to-use interface, which categorizes documents as they are created to assign the applicable governance policy, can manage legal holds, apply consistent policy and enforce retention procedures.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Access to Offsite Records

FileBRIDGE Records is an intuitive, user friendly application for managing your offsite records stored by Access. Full text search allows users to search across all departments, fields and locations, making it easy to determine:


What paper inventory is
currently in storage.


What inventory is available
for destruction.


What inventory can be digitized
into a secure platform.

The information can then be used to reduce storage space and costs, as well as to build a bridge towards digital documentation processes.

At Access, we believe in partnering with our clients and offering them the personalized attention they deserve. We’re here to help with your RIM needs whenever you need us.

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