Medical Records Management

Portrait of female doctor consulting her old patient at hospital.

The era of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is upon us. While the majority of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, practices and laboratories have some level of digital integration, many still face the formidable task of migrating their legacy patient records, radiology films and other protected health information (PHI) files to electronic formats. Fortunately, as the largest privately held document management services provider, Access has the global expertise and earned experience within the healthcare industry to synthesize your physical and digital patient records.

At Access, we provide cost-effective, secure storage solutions, accurate tracking systems and reliable retrieval methods for a wide range of medical records, as well as for all operational-related records.

Our medical records management offerings maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and are scalable according to your business needs. In addition, our project management office (PMO) can save you time and resources by managing your accounts, even if there are several separate entities, and providing detailed reports on budgets, timelines and savings.

More forward-thinking hospitals and organizations choose Access than any other privately held records management company. Our comprehensive medical records management and file storage solutions address the industry’s unique challenges in confidentiality, control and HIPAA compliance. In addition, we have the specialized global expertise and capability to safeguard your information while improving the efficiencies of your hospital or medical center. That means you can repurpose your space for the important business of healing.

Find out how we can ensure your compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, as well as internal information governance policies.
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