Secure Storage and Access Solutions For All of Your Records


Digitally Transform Your Business

Records management professionals are tasked with the maintenance, retention and destruction of large volumes of documents and files. Unfortunately, as these volumes grow, the potential for making costly retention and compliance mistakes (such as the following) increase:

  • Storing documents in-house, where they can quickly take up valuable space and become disorganized.
  • Using public self-storage units that don’t meet industry security standards.
  • Forgetting to securely dispose of documents according to their retention schedule.

The simplest and most secure answer is to embrace digital transformation.

At Access, we provide the highest levels of security to meet all of your physical record management needs, including inventory tracking, climate controlled vaults, fire suppression systems that exceed industry standards and 24/7 surveillance systems. Our corresponding digital document management solutions can ensure additional levels of compliance, access and security while enabling you to digitally transform your business.

Reduce Document Storage Costs 

Many organizations maintain physical files for some of their business documents. However, taking over valuable space in employee offices or client meeting rooms, or leasing additional onsite storage areas, for semi-active and inactive files can destroy a business’ budget.

Online document storage allows you to reclaim office space and considerably reduce your operational costs. Our document management software, FileBRIDGE Digital, provides a secure and intuitive central repository for your active, inactive and semi-active files that makes it easy to find information in no more than three clicks, should you ever need to retrieve or share it.

In addition, digitally storing your documents using FileBRIDGE means:

  • No hardware to purchase.
  • No technology infrastructure required.
  • No risk of owning or having to upgrade outdated equipment or software.



Increase Document Security

Securing your physical and digital records is not an option. The likelihood of a business experiencing a data breach has increased so highly that it’s no longer a matter of “if,” but “when,” one will occur. With Access’ online document storage solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your critical business documents are always protected and that your breach risks are minimized.

Confidently share one file or thousands with employees, clients and trusted third-parties while reducing the threats of internal theft and fraud. You can control who has access to your digitally stored documents, as well as document actions such as printing, editing, deleting or downloading. In addition, all actions and access are auditable, to further protect against unauthorized viewing or accidental data loss.

Additional security measures built-in to our online document storage solutions include:

  • Data encryption at rest (AES 256-bit) as well as in transit (SSL 1024-bit for data transfers and 256-bit for web applications).
  • SSAE-16 certified data centers and processes.
  • Robust password rules, single sign-on and two-factor authentication.
  • IP restrictions.
  • Redundant data center hardware to ensure continuity during and after natural disasters.

Boost Your Document Storage Compliance  

Between the increased risk of data breaches and the immense amounts of protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive financial records that are available in digital format, compliance with federal and state regulations can become overwhelming.

At Access, we can we can protect and manage your paper and digital documents in compliance with all applicable regulations, such as HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, SOX and the GLBA. In addition, FileBRIDGE Digital’s compliance dashboard can monitor your digital documents and notify you when any are missing or expired.

With our document storage solutions, you can proactively manage your files and never worry about an audit again!



Increase Business Productivity

Most companies don’t take the costs associated with filing and retrieving paper documents into account. In fact, administrative tasks, such as those, are often overlooked when considering overhead expenses and budgets, but it has been estimated that employees can spend up to 20% of their time searching for necessary, but misfiled, documents.

Fortunately, a digital document management system allows for quicker access, and can help free up your employees’ schedules to concentrate on more important tasks. Digitally scanning and storing your documents within our FileBRIDGE platform can also automate your time-consuming documentation processes by automatically routing documents for review, approval and digital signatures, as well as classifying and filing documents accurately without data entry or human intervention.

Why incorporate digital solutions into your program?

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