We never stop learning, trying or sharing.
Our hard work and collaborative sprit leads us towards the better way.

Our Team is Moving Forward!

A tenacious, curious and go-getter attitude drives our people and our business forward. As a Team built of leaders and creative thinkers, our continuous efforts to improve our products, our services and ourselves will lead us to the better way. Inspired by the message Today I Can Do Anything (TICDA), we believe that with collaborative teamwork and innovative thinking, we can accomplish amazing things together.

The Very Best Solutions

Striving for the better way isn’t just about striving for a newer way. It’s about combining new technology with unbeatable service to give our customers the very best solutions. That’s why we continue to build upon our records management offerings, merging the physical world with the digital to bring you comprehensive solutions to the challenges you face. From FileBRIDGE where organizations can digitize, edit and share records with the click of a button to Access Notifi where we monitor and alert you to potential risks before it’s too late, we continue to seek ways to make your records management process easier.

Our goal has and always will be to meet the ever changing needs of our clients and, with FileBRIDGE, we can provide complete solutions that work across industries, helping our clients implement a better way of records management—an easier, faster, more secure way.

Great tools can increase efficiency, but a great team can do even more. By focusing on our core values—to exceed the expectations of our clients, company and community every day by REACHing for our very best selves—we can align our team to move in the same direction, together.

Client. Company. Community.

When our Team Members, our clients and our communities succeed, so does our business. Our Team Members hard work shows in the lasting relationships they build with our clients and within their own communities, and those positive partnerships help each of them grow and thrive. By listening and sharing our ideas, dreams, concerns and goals, as well as asking the tough questions, we can continue to improve these relationships and our company. Because that’s what it’s all about for us, creating, fostering and inspiring each other to always be our very best.

We encourage all of our Team Members to take part in valuable activities throughout their communities, from company-sponsored events to individual commitments. Whether they’re donating their time and money to give children in need a happy holiday or participating in physical challenges that test their limits and support a charity they care deeply for, our people step up and show their passion each and every day.

The Global Way

As one of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in the records and information management industry, we serve every major market in the United States, as well as Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago. Since our founding in 2004, we have completed more than 105 acquisitions of records and information management and document destruction companies.

With our growth into new markets, we are better able to serve our clients as they too continue to grow, serving them in more and more of the places in which they do business. And, we are just getting started.

summit 2017 group

Together, We’ll Grow

Positive improvement starts with outstanding leadership. As leaders in our industry, we promise to:

  • Serve our clients with unsurpassed professionalism.
  • Offer powerful, forward-thinking solutions.
  • Lead the future of our industry and advance how the world protects and manages information.
  • Exceed expectations every day.

Together, we’ll find the better way.