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Electronic Document Management Solution

The volume of paper records can double every three years, complicating the necessary tasks of understanding which documents you have, what ones require your attention, and which documents are still needed.

Access’ electronic document management solution (EDMS), FileBRIDGE Digital, incorporates the entire lifecycle of your information, from scanning to document storage, based on your retention policies. In addition, our scalable EDMS can:

  • Reduce your operating costs and investments in IT infrastructure.
  • Eliminate your need for the onsite storage of physical files.
  • Streamline your documentation workflows and increase your efficiencies.
  • Mitigate your compliance and security risks.

Decreased Reliance on Paper Records 

While certain physical records will always be necessary, the need to embrace digital transformation has never been greater. Industry research regularly reminds us about the growing costs of maintaining paper documents. Storage space and costs aside, research from PricewaterhouseCoopers averages the expense of searching for a misfiled document at $120. The additional costs of having to reproduce any lost documents, and then file them again, makes the outdated practice of keeping paper records almost unsustainable.

With FileBRIDGE Digital, you can bridge the gap between your digital and paper documents. Our document management solutions can ease file sharing between multiple office locations, integrate with various ERP and HRIS systems to merge metadata, and automate your document approval and review processes. The innovative EDMS even applies intelligent document management processes to make file searches more efficient, secure and consistent.


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Reduce Storage Costs

Our digital document management solutions allow you to reclaim office space currently used for physical storage by digitally archiving and maintaining the documents you don’t use frequently. Upload your inactive records knowing they will be readily available should you ever need them again.

The additional cost-saving benefits of our EDMS include, but are not limited to, zero investments in technology infrastructure and, with Access-managed scanning services, no risks of owning and having to upgrade outdated equipment.

On-Demand Document Access 

Access to your critical business records and secure file sharing is simple with 24/7 online access to your digital documents. Our intuitive central repository allows you to find the information you need in no more than three clicks and streamlines your document management tasks.

Documents stored on our EDMS can be accessed and managed anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time. In addition, you can share as many documents as needed, from a single file to thousands of documents, with entrusted employees and third parties, without any increased costs.

Secure data rooms, two-factor authentication and audit trails protect your company against unauthorized access and breaches. And our SSAE-16 certified, redundant data centers ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.




Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Compliantly managing your documents throughout their life cycles requires comprehensive information governance policies and strict retention policy adherence. Records must be maintained for the appropriate length of time, as determined by various state and federal regulations, and documents surpassing that limit must be disposed of properly. FileBRIDGE ensures enforcement of your policies and includes legal holds to override those policies if needed.

Compliant document management also requires that you know what document may be missing or expired. FileBRIDGE Digital’s compliance dashboard provides an innovative system of checks and balances to reduce any risks of noncompliance. With our EDMS, you can proactively audit files to discover whether anything is missing or out of date, mitigating your risks of fines, penalties and other costly consequences.

Why incorporate digital solutions into your program?

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