The pivotal difference between a good records management company and a great one is how quickly documents can be located, retrieved and viewed. Great off-site storage companies know having easy access and efficient retrievals are key components of a reliable records management program, and they make the record retrieval process simple and convenient for you.

At Access, we provide organizations of all sizes with state-of-the-art facilities and technology to not only keep records safe, but to also keep them convenient. We do this by offering a variety of services that give you access from anywhere, at any time.

Take Control of Your Records

From international enterprises and corporations to private healthcare practices, law firms and innovative startups, we help businesses across all industries effectively store, manage and access their vital information. Our record retrieval services include the following benefits.

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Barcode Inventory Tracking
Keeping your items organized and within reach at a moment’s notice.

Upon arrival, we immediately barcode your records and scan them into our records management database, FileBRIDGE Records. With this barcode-based system, each individual file is organized so that it is easy to find and track at all times, greatly reducing the time spent searching for lost or misplaced files.

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In-Person Delivery
Delivering the items you need on your schedule.

Using a portable hand-held scanner for each barcode, we can provide up-to-date location and chain-of-custody results that make locating and retrieving your files effortless. Once you’ve submitted a request, our expert Couriers will bring your records right to you—offering same-day, next-day and priority delivery options.

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Digital Access and Scan-on-Demand
View and manage your files 24/7, no matter your location.

When you choose to partner with us for your off-site storage needs, you also get access to our web-based records management software, FileBRIDGE Records, which allows you to run in-depth, real-time reports on your data, authorize and control document access, and more.

When an item is needed urgently, or a digital copy will suffice, FileBRIDGE Records allows you to easily request specific files and documents for imaging on-demand services. Simply file the request online and a Team Member will locate, prepare and scan your information quickly.

With this innovative solution, you can also access any of your previously digitized items whenever you need to, from wherever you need to.

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On-Site Access
Check in with your valuables and a records management specialist.

For clients that prefer to access their records physically, all of our off-site storage facilities are equipped with secure viewing rooms. When you schedule an appointment, you can view as many records as you would like, while getting the added benefit of having our knowledgeable records management specialists available to answer any questions or concerns.

For clients that opt to maintain one of our private facilities, secure and direct access is available to their rented area at all times.

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Stay secure, from start to finish.

As your off-site records retrieval and storage specialists, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure security and compliance for all of your records. This includes helping you manage, secure and control your records even when you decide to store them in your facilities. Our on-premises solution, OmniRIM Physical Records Management, helps reduce the risks of noncompliance by allowing you to manage and control your most critical information through:

  • Classification Management
  • Legal Holds and eDiscovery
  • Retention Schedules
  • Secure Destruction
  • Enclosures

In addition, our cloud-based solution, FileBRIDGE Governance, has all the features of OmniRIM and can:

  • Apply policies to both physical and digital records.
  • Integrate third-party storage vendors.
  • Deliver real-time analytics.

With both solutions, you can:

  • Grant access to designated users.
  • Create and apply auto-holds to increase compliance.
  • Ensure federal and state regulations pertaining to your industry, including HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, SOX, GLBA and BSA/AML, are met.

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Secure Shredding
Eliminate expired or inactive documents safely and securely.

At Access, we can provide scalable and flexible solutions for all your document destruction needs. Our records management specialists are well-versed in compliance regulations across all industries, and our RIM solutions can help monitor retention schedules, notifying you whenever documents are nearing their expiration date. If a particular item is no longer required, we’ll retrieve it from our storage facility and defensibly destroy it with your approval.

We don’t just shred paper! We also provide secure destruction of your outdated media files, including:

  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Backup Tapes, Disks and CDs
  • Retention Schedules
  • Microfilm
  • X-rays

Once shredded, we’ll issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Your clients, partners and colleagues expect you to be accurate and quick with their time-sensitive requests. You can expect the same of us! With our history of proven experience, we can guarantee that your documents will always be efficiently stored, managed, located, retrieved and delivered whenever you need them, to wherever you need them.