Are you struggling to keep all your essential records accessible and secure? While on-site records storage may seem like the easy solution, it can actually decrease your business efficiencies, limit your resources and put your organization at risk of noncompliance. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Whether your organization is seeking solutions for a paper-driven HR department, preparing to outsource case file management, or is in the midst of a digital transformation, we can help you stay organized, productive and compliant while also keeping your critical business files safe and sound in our secure storage facilities.

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Discover the Benefits

Whether you are the Office Manager of a small business or the Director of Records Management for a Fortune 1000 company, you know that records and information management (RIM) is more complicated than it might appear. There are:

  • Intricate retention schedules to observe.
  • Privacy requirements to protect your clients, team members and company information.
  • Compliance standards to maintain.
  • Time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Extraneous space requirements to keep everything in-house.
  • Wasted time spent looking for vital information and critical files.

When it comes to managing records correctly, there never seems to be enough time.

That’s where we come in. We’ll serve as an extension of your team, solving your records management challenges together. From implementing a digital RIM solution across your enterprise to managing retention schedules and timely destruction of documents, no task is too big or too small.

When you choose Access for your business records storage, you will:

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Save Money

Stop spending money on space you’re not using! At our off-site storage facilities, you only pay for the boxes and records you store, unlike other storage facilities where you pay for an entire unit regardless of how much space your documents actually use.

With decades of experience in records management, we are experts at creating efficient and affordable solutions for our clients. When you make us your partner, we will provide:

In other words, we will make you more efficient by eliminating the time-consuming tasks from your team’s daily workflow, increasing your office productivity, and reducing your overhead costs.

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Create More Space

If your expensive office space serves as storage for old tax documents, invoices, contracts or other files, it’s time to rethink your records management strategy.

While you may not regularly access these records, government regulations can require you to hold onto them for anywhere from three to seven years, or longer! Rather than using up your valuable space, let us collect, store and manage these critical business files for you. With our help, you can:

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you keep onsite.
  • Expand your workspace.
  • Create a better work environment that enables your team to work more effectively and efficiently.

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Save Time

The hours spent searching for, organizing and maintaining physical office records can add up to roughly 20% of employees’ time over the course of the year. Free your team up to focus on their high-priority initiatives while we take control of the day-to-day administrative RIM tasks.

We pair our years of experience with our proven processes to develop a records management strategy that makes the most sense for your organization. From indexing your information to managing your specific retention schedules to providing quick access and retrievals at your request, our experts will be available to assist you whenever you need—all you and your team have to do is ask.

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Ensure Security

In our business records storage facilities, the only people that handle your documents are our thoroughly screened, specially trained records management professionals—and you, of course.

Our facilities are equipped with alarm systems, video surveillance and other security measures to prevent theft and damage. We also offer off-site storage solutions with added security that will help preserve your historic documents and specialized media, including:

  • Climate-controlled technology.
  • Dry fire suppression systems.
  • External and internal video surveillance.
  • Biometric fingerprint security.
  • Underground, highly secured vaults for specialized needs.

To further ensure that your records remain as secure as possible, Access also maintains a strict adherence to PRISM Privacy+ standards and is NAID AAA Certified. The self-certification PRISM Privacy+ program objectives are to ensure the privacy of your information in a manner consistent with industry standards, as well as to protect you against unauthorized access or use that may result in harm to any consumer. The NAID AAA Certification Program establishes standards for the secure destruction of hard copy records, electronic media and computer hard drives.

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Enhance Compliance

Not complying with industry regulations can result in litigation and expensive fines, but keeping up with the new and always changing rules can be difficult.

With off-site storage, managing regulatory compliance is easy. We provide a turnkey retention management solution that helps track your records and makes them easily accessible to view or adjust. With FileBRIDGE Governance, we’ll even alert you when it’s time to update or discard expired records. And, we can provide secure destruction as needed, helping you to reduce risks and save time and resources.

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Maintain Constant Access

Need to view a mortgage or HR file right away? Whatever your needs, we guarantee you will always have access to your records and to us. Just let us know when you need a document and we can scan and provide digital access to your file the same day. If you need it in person, we’ll have one of our Couriers deliver it as quickly as possible, or you can schedule an appointment in one of our secure on-site viewing rooms.

Storing stacks and stacks of records in-house or in self-storage units is time-consuming, expensive and risky. By investing in off-site records storage with Access, we take the work out of your paperwork. From organizing and monitoring your files to hand-delivering them whenever you need, we have your back.

Let us help you increase your workplace efficiency and productivity by clearing out all those cumbersome documents that only slow your team down and help you focus on the most important task: getting down to business.